Online GMAT Prep Courses

Online GMAT Prep Courses

Kaplan Test Prep - the largest GMAT preparation and business school admissions counseling company. Kaplan offers online and live courses ranging from $500-$1500.

  • Proven track record: More people get in to business school with a Kaplan GMAT.

  • Personalized learning: Kaplan software gives you customized recommendations based on your needs.

  • Higher score guaranteed or your money back.
GMAT On Demand
Prep at your own pace with comprehensive, video instruction accessible online anytime.
Starting at $599

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GMAT Classroom Anywhere
Interact with expert teachers in a live, online classroom.

Kaplan GMAT Advantage Online Courses
Nov 05 - Dec 08Mon, Sat
Nov 05 - Jan 07Mon
Nov 06 - Dec 09Sun, Tue
Nov 06 - Dec 06Tue, Thu
Nov 06 - Jan 08Tue

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GMAT Classroom On Site
In-person expert teachers at a classroom near you.

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VeritasPrep is the largest GMAT-exclusive test prep company with classes in over 70 locations worldwide. Their admissions consulting service has former admissions officers from top 20 business schools such as HBS, LBS, Stanford, and Wharton.
Classroom Courses: Weekend $1100 / 42-hour course $1600
Online Course: Self-Study $750 / Live Online classes: $850
  • 2000 pages of materials and the Official GMAT Guide
  • 15 practice tests
  • Instructors have all scored above the 99th percentile (760+ GMAT)
  • Unlimited instructor phone and email tutoring support

Online Veritas GMAT courses ($1,150 or 3 payments of $400)
  Nov 05 - Dec 12  Mon / Wed  5am - 8am
  Nov 06 - Dec 13  Tue / Thu  7pm - 10pm
  Nov 11 - Dec 18  Tue / Sun  8pm - 11pm
  Nov 12 - Dec 19  Mon / Wed  10pm - 1am
  Nov 17 - Dec 22  Saturdays  10am - 5pm
  Nov 24 - Dec 30  Sat / Sun  12pm - 3pm

Manhattan GMAT is one of the fastest growing test prep companies based on their reputation for exceptional teachers.
Classroom Course: 9-Session Course (33 hours)- $1490
Online course: online classes- $1090
  • Over 1500 pages of materials
  • 6 practice GMAT CAT tests
  • 37 total hours of class instruction, labs and office hours
  • Instructors have all scored above the 99th percentile (760+ GMAT)

138 West 25th Street New York, NY
December 2-Week Boot Camp (NYC)Dec 26 - Nov 11$2,950
1323 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 230, Santa Monica, CA
December 2-Week Boot Camp (Los Angeles)Dec 26 - Nov 12$2,655

Live Online Courses
Fall ASep 05 - Oct 31Wed$1,090
Fall BSep 09 - Dec 04Sun$1,090
Fall CSep 10 - Dec 05Mon$1,090
Fall DSep 13 - Dec 08Thu$1,090
Fall ESep 15 - Dec 10Sat$1,090
Fall FSep 16 - Dec 11Sun$1,090

Online GMAT Course Options

If you do not wish to spend over $100 on a GMAT course, the 800score course is an option. The 800score GMAT Course has been favorably reviewed and has well-designed sample GMAT CAT tests. 800score is the only company to offer an affordable GMAT prep course option at $39.95. It is very popular and has had over 100,000 students since 1999. 800score is a regular contributor as a GMAT expert to BusinessWeek.

    • Most popular online GMAT course
    • Five Practice GMAT CAT tests
    • Sample practice essays with grading service
    • Immediate access
    • Online prep guide
    • Test-pacing technology
    • Guide to writing your college admissions essay
    • Over 100 preparation videos
    • 24-hour email support

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