How the GMAT CAT Works
Chris Ryan


Sean Selinger

Sean is the founder of Since 1999, 800score has had over 100,000 students and been the leader in online GMAT preparation.

  1. The most successful students invest more than 50 hours preparing. GMAC studies have shown a correlation between study time and scores. The advantages of a high GMAT score in MBA admissions are enormous, so these are hours well spent.

  2. Start preparing well in advance of the final due date for the GMAT. You will have the option of cancelling the test at the end of the GMAT. Make sure to have plenty of time to schedule a retake before the deadlines.

  3. Have a high level of seriousness when preparing and try to always act as if your practice test is the real test. Try to recreate the stress of test day while practicing. Make your final test a "dress rehearsal" at roughly the same time of day as the real test.

  4. Studies have shown that students in school tend to score higher than graduates who have been out of school for several years. Your GMAT score will last five years, which means that you can take it while still in college/university.

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